Pierre-Antoine Robin

Company & Title:
Pépinières du Val d’Or, Production Manager

Education & Degree Information:
Master’s degree in Plant Sciences (vegetal biochemistry) at Claude Bernard University in Lyon – France

Primary area of expertise:
Plant and soil Biology. Plant biochemistry.

Brief Work History:
I joined the family nursery as production manager. At Pépinières du Val d’Or, we grow fruit trees and some cereals for crop rotation since 4 generations.
I am also co-managing Eurosteme, rootstock tissue culture lab of Star Group.

Contact: Pierre-Antoine Robin – Pépinières du Val d’Or variety@star-fruits.com

Address: 145 avenue de Fontvert 84 130 Le Pontet France

Phone: +33 4 90 16 46 00 Fax: +33 4 90 16 46 19 Website: http://www.star-fruits.com/ http://catalogue.starfruits-diffusion.com/

Company Information