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Star Fruits

Star Group is dedicated to the development of fruit varieties, delivering a set of innovative products and services to the fruit industry. The activities of the group include multiple businesses as tissue culture production for rootstocks (Eurosteme), rootstock and fruit tree production (Star PMP), international fruit tree sales (Star Export) in addition to the management of variety licensing and branding.

Its historical subsidiary, Star Fruits, was created in 1968 by fruit tree nurserymen from the south east of France. It develops licensing activities, manages partnerships and specific distribution networks based on trademarks. As an editor dedicated to fruit variety innovation, Star Fruits is building strong connections with the main plant variety breeding organizations in the World, introducing vegetal material, managing the protection of these new varieties and experimenting them in Europe and in the World. The aim is to disseminate these varieties amongst fruit growers or their producer organizations, as well as through a network of licensees outside Europe.

STAR FRUITS has a proven track record of defending intellectual property rights, enabling further research investments by breeders, as well as defending trademarks which deliver added value to the sector’s chain organization.

Star Fruits is recognized as an innovative business model designer which provides added value to all stakeholders in the fruit production and supply chain in a consistent manner, thanks to STAR FRUITS marketing expertise.

Beyond the agronomic value delivered by the genetics, STAR FRUITS develops signs of quality and authenticity for the consumer. The most advanced collective model to this day is « Pink Lady® ».

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