John David Morton

Company & Position:
John Morton Ltd, CEO

Education & Degree Information:
Diploma of Horticulture Science, Lincoln University, New Zealand

Primary area of expertise:

  • Source, introduce, develop and commercialize new fruit varieties.
  • Evaluate and assess the characteristics and performance of newly introduced varieties.
  • Administrate and manage the daily requirements of local and overseas breeding programs.
  • Market and promote new variety development
  • Technical advisor

Brief Work History:

  • Orchard manager-kiwifruit and prunus
  • Turner’s & Grower’s technical horticulture advisor
  • Rex Graham and Associate-J Wattie’s field advisor
  • Hawke’s Bay Nursery Ltd-malus and prunus
  • John Morton Ltd-new variety introduction and management
  • Zee Sweet Ltd-John Morton Ltd contract service provider
  • New Zealand Fruit Tree Company-John Morton Ltd contract service provider
  • Shennong Variety Management Ltd-John Morton Ltd contract service provider

John Morton

P.O. Box 466
Hastings, New Zealand

Phone: +64-6-870-0826