New Zealand

New Zealand Fruit Tree Company

Established in 1996, the New Zealand Fruit Tree Company (NZFTC) is New Zealand’s, largest private importer of commercial fruit varieties, now representing many of the major breeding programs within New Zealand and overseas.

The company is responsible for the administration, introduction, development and commercialization of the varieties it represents.

Operating its own level-two quarantine facility and research orchards (Hawkes Bay and Central Otago), the NZFTC can efficiently and quickly establish the development of new varieties, maintaining control and security throughout the process.

As the nation’s horticultural industry develops and becomes more sophisticated, the NZFTC has forged strategic partnerships with leading nurserymen and marketing organizations. These strategic partnerships allow the company to develop market strategies for new variety releases and the flexibility to operate a tree or production-based royalty system. The company is now operating nine managed programs.

The NZFTC has the capability of applying, maintaining and defending Plant Breeder Rights and employs the services of A J Park for all legal advice and enforcement.
John Morton is the appointed Company Executive Officer, and for all inquiries can be contacted by email.

John Morton

P.O. Box 466
Hastings, New Zealand

Phone: +64-6-870-0826
Fax: +64-6-870-0372