New Zealand

New Zealand Fruit Tree Company

Established in 1996, the New Zealand Fruit Tree Company (NZFTC) is New Zealand’s largest private importer of commercial fruit tree varieties, now representing many of the major breeding programs within New Zealand and overseas.

The company is responsible for the administration, introduction, development, and commercialisation of the varieties it represents.

NZFTC has the capability to establish and develop new varieties efficiently and quickly, maintaining control and security throughout the process.

As the nation’s horticultural industry develops and becomes more sophisticated, the NZFTC has forged strategic partnerships with leading growing groups, nurserymen, and marketing organizations.

These strategic partnerships have allowed the company to meet owners’ expectations, by allowing the commercialisation of newly introduced plant material, either through an open release or a managed programme. Over many years the company has built extensive knowledge on how to best manage and develop these new and innovative varieties.

However, to be successful, the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property are important.  NZFTC has a proven track record of filing, maintaining, and defending Intellectual Property rights.

John Morton is the appointed Company Executive Officer, and for all inquiries can be contacted by email

John Morton

P.O. Box 466
Hastings, New Zealand

Phone: +64-6-870-0826