Europe (Belgium)

Rene Nicolai n.v.

The Rene Nicolai nursery was founded in 1928 by Rene Nicolai. Since 2000, the company has been owned by Florent Geerdens. Under his guidance, the Rene Nicolai nursery has an annual production of approximately 1,000,000 rootstocks and 800,000 fruit trees. Of these fruit trees, 70% are apples, 20% are pears, and 10% are cherries. The assortment is completely attuned to modern Western European fruit culture and satisfies the norms of the European market.

The nursery is famous worldwide for their own selection and production of the M9 clones and NIC series of rootstocks. These rootstocks have proven to be very successful and are patented and protected wherever possible.

Partnerships and strategic alliances are an important part of the modern, international fruit growing sector. Over the years, the Rene Nicolai nursery has developed partnerships with; AIGN®, Inova Fruit BV, Cooperatief Enthoutpark, Pepinieres du Valois (FR), Bohemian plants SRO (CZ).

Thanks to good global relations, the Rene Nicolai Nursery is able to test and screen, to grow and license and protect some of the most modern varieties and some of the most desirable selections from all parts of the earth.

Florent Geerdens

Lindestraat 22
B-3570 Alken, Belgium