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Star Fruits

Created more than 40 years ago, Star Fruits® has a special place in the world of fruit tree growing when it comes to servicing the evolution and innovation of fruit varieties.

Interfacing between the needs and the expectations of the market, Star Fruits® participates in the choices of breeders in their work of creation, and helps to select and promote the best varieties for consumers.

Star Fruits® also enforces breeders’ rights. This is essential in ensuring the continuity of variety innovation, the protection of the interests of growers and all the players in the fruit industry. This is why Star Fruits® is working to ensure the traceability of varieties both in orchards and in marketplaces to prevent and fight against trademark infringement.

Wanting to create a marketing value beside the value of varieties, Star Fruits® has imagined and is implementing specific strategies. These are based on the organization of effective product marketing for a fair valorization of the fruit and aimed at satisfying the consumer. The most successful strategy is Pink Lady® operated in partnership with the Pink Lady® Europe Association.

Star Fruits® is chaired by Philippe Toulemonde and has four member nurseries: Cros-Viguier, Val d’Or, Toulemonde and Veauvy.

The Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®) aids in moving the fruit tree industry into the 21st century.

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