Tyler Brandt

Company & Title: General Manager, Brandt’s Fruit Trees

Education & Degree Information:

Ag-Business & Horticulture, Yakima Community College

Primary area of expertise:
Tree Fruit Nursery Operations, Horticulture, Intellectual Property Management

Brief Work History:
Tyler was raised on the Brandt family farms, helping in the orchards and working on the packing lines. After high school, he attended community college, where he studied horticulture and ag-business. In 2007, Tyler began his career at the nursery company, where he builds upon the experience he has acquired managing the family orchards and traveling throughout the fruit growing regions of the world. Tyler takes pride in the relationships he has built in the Tree Fruit Industry and enjoys assisting growers with variety and rootstock selections, pruning and planting techniques, and helping them to stay informed in an ever-changing industry.

Contact: Tyler Brandt Tyler@brandtsfruittrees.com

Address: 1330 North 16th Avenue, Suite A, Yakima, WA 98902

Phone: +1 509-728-0143

Website: https://brandtsfruittrees.com