Kevin Brandt

Company & Title: VP/COO of Brandt’s Fruit Trees and PVM

Education & Degree Information:
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Central Washington University

Primary area of expertise:
Tree Fruit nursery, horticulture, intellectual property management

Brief Work History:
From a young age, Kevin has taken an active role in his family’s farms and businesses.  After receiving his university degree, he began working for Brandt’s Fruit Trees, overseeing the test blocks and aiding in sales.  Kevin is now the Chief Operating Officer, managing the day-to-day activities of Proprietary Variety Management and Pink Lady America as well as representing Brandt’s Fruit Trees in local and international matters.  He serves as Brandt’s liaison to the Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute and AIGN®.

Contact:   Kevin Brandt

Address:   1330 North 16th Avenue, Suite A, Yakima, WA 98902

Phone:      +1 509-248-4315