Los Horneros Vivero de Frutales

Los Horneros nursery is installed at the south of Uruguay which is where all the production of stone fruit and pome activity of the country is developed. In Montevideo, Canelones and San Jose regions, around 1.280 growers cultivate 7.850 hectares of apples, pears, peaches, nectarines and plums.

In the last decade, with the development of new technologies of production, the great soil conditions and weather, the disponibility of water to irrigate, and the production of new varieties, the Uruguayan fruits are arriving to the most exigent export markets of the world.

Los Horneros nursery is part of a familiar group with vertical integration, who are also developing fruit production activities in their own orchards and they have a selection center, packing and cooling of fruit to distribute locally and to export. From their export company, Frutec s.r.l., they have driven with great success, in the region fruit field, the production and export of the Pink Lady® brand apples.

Los Horneros nursery produce anually around 100.000 trees of Galas and Cripps Pink apples and Abate Fetel and Williams pears.

In order to continue growing, as a nursery and as a country, in this global scenery, we consider as a great strategy value our association with AIGN® and the subscription of agreements with the most well-known nurseries for the production of new fruit varieties.

Horacio Reyes

Alternate contact: Mónica Reyes



Nina 1933 – CP 12,500
Montevideo, Uruguay