South Africa


TopFruit has been introducing new fruit varieties into Southern Africa from breeders all over the world since 1983. Our focus is to discover and unlock the potential of these varieties for Southern African producers. This is achieved through variety development, a strong program of intellectual property management, brand development, and innovative marketing initiatives.

TopFruit was founded in 1983 by three nurserymen, Dr Jim Button, Richard Hill and Roy Jeffery, whose aim it was to more efficiently import, test and commercialise new varieties in the deciduous fruit industry.

Since inception TopFruit has acquired rights to, and managed, a number of varieties on behalf of the owners. The management of the Cripps Pink apple variety, more commonly known by the trademark Pink Lady® proved to be a turning point in the company’s history.

Over the years the potential of trademarking fresh produce has become more apparent and has introduced new possibilities into the industry. The extensive experience in managing Pink Lady® has resulted in TopFruit no longer just operating in the field of plant improvement through the introduction of new varieties. TopFruit now offers expertise in the wider arena of variety management which includes intellectual property management surrounding a single variety, or range of varieties.

Rob Meihuizen

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