Hertha Database

The Hertha™ Database is an Internet accessible database designed to facilitate tracking, sales, IP management and evaluating varietals across any number of species. It’s multi-tiered security make it the ideal platform to both maintain confidential varietal information as well as selectively share information with other users of the database.

Sales tracking allows IP owners / managers to track where crops are planted via GPS coordinate recording and mapping, an important feature for both restricted and club varieties. Sales data can also be used for the tracking of royalties

Users can select among various types of evaluations to input, such as standard or UPOV, with each specie having different evaluation fields

Advanced search capabilities make finding data quick and easy. Managing of evaluation test sites, including maps, is built in.


Hertha Features and Benefits

  • Multi-level security at both the screen form and data level
  • Tracks and unlimited number of varieties in any number of species
  • Restricted “Sales Agent” accounts are supported and/or automatically generated for entering of sales data
  • Tracks shipping of test material
  • Tracks sales of products with GPS location tracking and mapping
  • Tracks Trademark and Patent information
  • Tracks Licensee / Sub-licensee information
  • Advanced search capabilities for evaluations and varieties
  • Flexible reporting capabilities with output in PDF format so reports can be printed or emailed
  • Multi-language support
  • Currently supports 14 different species
  • Evaluation fields are extensible
  • Both UPOV and Standard evaluations are supported
  • Unlimited number of photographs per variety can be stored
  • Photos can be directly loaded from a PC / Digital Camera or emailed to the database
  • Ability to track evaluation site maps with GPS coordinates for individual sites or trees
  • Ability to input an unlimited number of contracts (ie. Testing agreements, etc) and print these on demand
  • Companies can store private information or share information with others on a variety by variety basis
  • Storage protocols for post-harvest testing can be added as needed

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