International Nursery Group Annual Meeting Focuses On Innovation

June 11, 2014

On year 26, the Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®) recently completed a full week meeting with its ‘worldly members’ in Santiago, Chile, hosted by Viveros Requinoa.

“As always, it was a gratifying time to see our family of AIGN members,” says Lynnell Brandt, AIGN® president and founder. “Our group is entering into our second quarter century. What is new and innovative is still the energizing topic with this international fruit industry group. The ‘future’ is the dominate force in the conversation.”

“The future of fruit industry looks bright. A key supporting pillar will be the nursery segment. It will provide the varieties that the consumers are ultimately seeking.”

AIGN continues to expand its focus on the intellectual property aspects of those new and innovative products. This premiere international nursery group has the network expertise and major market positions to continue its leadership in that developing arena.

Another progressive attribute to AIGN is the building of its impressive communication network. The network enables a continual exchange of information on rootstocks and varieties.

The group makes regular use of video conferences. It is almost “face to face“ between annual meetings. There is an extensive database system created specifically for member testing and evaluations results.

AIGN has members in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Europe (Belgium), Europe (France), New Zealand, North America, South Africa, South Korea and Uruguay.

The 2015 AIGN annual general meeting will be held in South Korea and hosted by NZ Orchard Corporation.

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The Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®) aids in moving the fruit tree industry into the 21st century.

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