International Nursery Group Tackles Full Agenda In Annual Meeting

June 25, 2013

In Northwest USA

It was a jam-packed time for the members of the Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®) last week in Seattle and Yakima in Washington State as the world’s premiere fruit industry intellectual property group continued to set its sights on the future.

“As I look back over the week, what comes to mind first is our future is very bright,’” says Lynnell Brandt, AIGN® president and founder. “I’m optimistic about the years ahead for AIGN® and the fruit industry for a wide range of reasons.”

That positive attitude was on display for Brandt and the other nine AIGN members at its annual general meeting where the unique aspects of AIGN were also readily apparent especially as related to intellectual property.

“AIGN has indeed come a very long way in the last 25 years from its foundation as a nursery group to one with a special focus on the intellectual properties associated with the international fruit industry,” Brandt says.

“There’s no doubt the success of AIGN is related to its worldwide impact on the status of intellectual property and what we continually saw last week in our sessions,” says Brandt who is also the president of Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Inc. “Discussions centered on current IP for new fruit varieties and the potential success down the road for those varieties.”

Included in the area of current potential IP and raising the excitement level among the members included selections lately receiving attention in the international fruit industry.

A pear which looks more like an apple, the ‘Papple,’ took center stage at first, to be followed in member discussions by a new cherry/plum hybrid. Also in the mix at the meeting was the very recent introduction in the North American territory of a new red fleshed apple through Brandt Fruit Tree affiliate, Proprietary Variety Management.

“Exciting new products for sure as associated with the Associated International Group of Nurseries as it celebrates its first quarter century,” Brandt says. “However, these were just a few examples of many intellectual properties AIGN will be making available to growers around the world in the future.”

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