PremP109 an Asian x European pear looks to be a promising new variety

August 10, 2011

PremP109 is one of the first interspecific hybrids of Asian and European pears to be commercialized.  It was developed in New Zealand by Plant and Food Research and the master license is held by AIGN® (Associated International Group of Nurseries). PremP109 is a spherical, red blushed, juicy pear that is moderate to large in size.  It has a mild, sweet, low acid flavor and is crisp with slightly coarse texture.  PremP109 is scab resistant, but is somewhat susceptible to fire blight.  In recent tests, the pear has shown to have excellent storage performance with 3-4 months of storage and no disorders.  PremP109 also has 14 days of ambient shelf life.

PremP109 was recently featured in the American magazine, Good Fruit Grower, as well as the New Zealand webiste,

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You can also listen to Prevar™ Limited’s CEO, Dr. Brett Ennis, describe the pear on New Zealands RadioLive at

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